Who We ARe

BraidsNow.com is a resource for all things braids along with locs, natural hairstyles, ponytails, silk presses, and sew-ins. More than that, this is a community of melanated people who take pride in their hair along with the artists who help make it happen. The first phase of this page will be to create a registry for braiders, locticians and hair stylists who specialize in Black hair all across the USA.
Once we have a good sized list of braiders and stylists, we will be promoting the site to consumers in search of the perfect braider/stylist in their area. We will provide style ideas as well as blogs and news articles and other resources. 
This site is entirely FREE. You will not be asked for any credit card information at all.
We’re just passionate about braids and want to create a bomb network for those in search of a braider and other stylists.