About the owner

Gianni Mays has a passion for hair that is only surpassed by a passion for people and connecting them together. She graduated from CSU Fresno in 2002 with a B.S. in Business – Management and has been working in Corporate America for over 15 years as a Health Care Recruiter. She takes pride in finding the right people for the right job – a skill that is invaluable for connecting clients with the right braiders and vice versa.  

As a busy working mom of 3 and caretaker for her father, she was challenged with finding a mobile braider in her area who could work around her schedule. She had a care.com membership and one day the idea came to her to make a site very similar to care.com but for consumers who are looking for braiders and other stylists in their area. The idea inspired her to do extensive research on the Black Hair Industry and specifically braids. It then became even more apparent that there needed to be a centralized go-to site for anyone seeking a skilled braider stylist in their area along with a hair community where we can share thoughts, ideas and inspiration. The African American community has often used word of mouth to find a braider or they have a braider in their family. Long gone are the days of having to stop a sis in the grocery store and ask, “who did your braids” because you’re looking for a new braider. BraidsNow.com is the place! 

Being an ambitious Black woman in America, Gianni is inspired by the likes of Madame C. J. Walker, Bronner Brothers, and Miss Jessie’s to name a few and makes it a point to support Black businesses  and the Black community whenever possible. Gianni is originally from Richmond, CA and spent over 10 years in Los Angeles. She now resides in Sacramento with her family of 5 and in her spare time she enjoys spending it with family and friends, singing at open mic nights, studying African American history and economics and of course working on the BraidsNow.com Website. Gianni is exited to partner with braiders across the country to promote their talent and help them reach their business goals.